The Seemingly60 Challenge 2.0

Are you ready for the next challenge – a part of working together with this community to improve your health and quality of life?
We are taking baby steps that will really add up!

Today, we’re targeting high fructose corn syrup as our top item to eliminate from your diet. HFCS is not only easily converted to fat and a culprit that increases the risk of many diseases – including diabetes, obesity, and even inflammatory diseases like gout, but it has absolutely no essential nutritional value. The more you eat of it, the less room you have for foods that are good for you.

And, to make matters much worse, you may not even know you’re eating it! For years, most of us consumed it in everyday items like ketchup, salad dressings, sweetened yogurts, juices, sodas (no surprise there), sweetened cereals, and even breads!


So give it up! Yep, there are plenty of substitutes and this stuff is bad. We’re not even asking you to give up sugar. At least with sugar, you may actually know you’re eating it. In that cookie, muffin, Milky Way. Give up the HFCS in foods it shouldn’t be in anyway. Even the big food companies are heeding the call. Heinz now makes a ketchup without HFCS called Simply Heinz. Again, be mindful that many alternatives DO have sugar, so don’t be gulping it down, but at least get off the corn syrup. And make sure it’s not in your bread. Home-baked goods are a great way to control the amount of sugar you eat in general. Start checking those food labels. When you see high fructose corn syrup, put the item back on the shelf and find a replacement. There’s bound to be one. Really. And clean out your fridge of products containing HFCS.

(Special note regarding photo: While we want you to avoid HFCS, feel free to eat corn on the cob which provides fiber and a host of valuable nutrients!)

And now, to follow up on our first challenge, have you made any progress on improving your balance and strength with this daily exercise that takes less than five minutes:


I’ve been doing this for a few months now and have seen amazing improvement: in stability on one foot and also length of time I can do this. I feel confident that I’m now less likely to trip and fall. I also feel stronger because you rely on your core for this. For full transparency, I’ve been doing this only at night. I brush my lower teeth on one foot and switch to the other foot for my upper teeth. Even if you start off by holding a finger to the sink counter, keep at it. I also do this barefoot. Socks are too slippery. As always, safety first.

Susan Ross

Susan Ross

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