The Seemingly60 Challenge 3.0

Several months ago, a lovely man shared a personal story with me. His mother had developed a fear of falling. This fear is actually not at all irrational. As we age, our balance can become compromised for a variety of reasons. We can also lose muscle and strength. And all of a sudden, we feel insecure about something we always took for granted: the simple process of walking from one point to another. There are several things that can be done to address this – I’ve covered some of this before but the topic keeps popping back up. His mom could have been counseled and encouraged to work on her strength and her balance – perhaps through Tai Chi. Maybe she had a vision issue or certain dangers lurked in her home – poor lighting, tripping hazards – and needed to addressed. However the situation was handled, his mother made a conscious choice to stop walking. Pretty soon, she was actually unable to walk… the use it or lose it had happened. The lack of movement precipitated other health issues. And I’ll stop his story here.

But this is the premise for our third and next challenge:


However much “moving” you’re doing now, do more. If you live in a multi-story home and go up and down the stairs two, three or four times a day, make that five, six or seven. If you go to the market and drive around and around in search of the best (aka closest) spot, stop doing that. Park at the other end of the lot and walk further. When presented with an escalator or stairs, take the stairs. Going down your walk to pick up the mail? Walk around the block a few times.

Easy by easy – and look at this as a month to month challenge – increase the amount you are moving every day.

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Susan Ross

Susan Ross

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