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An absolute classic staple to start the season off right: this Fossil Rachel Tote comes in a variety of colors so be as daring as you like. We love the black version with medium brown straps, which will have you fully covered. And grab it now while the pricing is super reasonable!





Shame on me! I went for a long walk in the summer heat a few days ago and while I carried a water bottle with me, it was too small. I finished the 6 mile walk, proud of my feat, and kicked my heels up. Next thing I noticed, my hands were shaking. A lot! I ran to the kitchen and set myself up with a cool glass of water. In just a minute, my body responded to the hydration. Here’s a YETI insulated tumbler with their “no sweat” grip. In home or on the go, stay safe – stay hydrated!




Aerobic exercise is great, but you’re missing out on an important part of staying in shape if you aren’t involved in some sort of weight training. It’s also great for your bone health. Start with some light weights and implement a program. We suggest squats – make sure you do them properly. Check online for the best form:





Be creative while enjoying the flavors of summer all year round with this top pick – you won’t be sorry. And for the price of ten cones or so, you can begin your journey into ice cream making with the Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker (White)




This is the updated version of my Bosch-Tassimo single serve coffee maker. I use it every morning to make my own latte – which is as good as any that I get in the coffee bars. But here’s what I do: I buy the espresso discs (aka pods) – not the cappuccino pack because the disc milk in the cappuccino pack is a little funky in my opinion.
I use the Gevalia Espresso – there are other brands of espresso available. (I’ve tried a few but keep coming back to the Gevalia.) Plus I get twice as many espresso discs for the same price by skipping the milk ones. While the espresso is brewing, I take my fat-free milk and heat it up in the microwave for about two minutes (That’s one cup of milk for a latte.) Then I just pour the heated milk into the espresso and voilà – I have a perfect latte for about 1/3 the price of the coffee bar. All from the comfort of home. (PS: The brewer also makes a great gift.)

My favorite in-home workout is on my low-rise trampoline (exact one is pictured here): the Urban Rebounder Trampoline with Workout DVD & Stabilizing Bar. It provides a great cardio workout and improves/helps maintain good balance. I also use it for bone health. It comes with workout DVDs and a stabilizing bar which attaches and you can grab onto while you get accustomed to the trampoline. (You may want to continue to use the bar.) Use the DVDs or create your own workout.  For a more rigorous workout after you’ve built up your time on the trampoline, try adding in some ankle weights like these: Fitmox 5lbs Ankle Wrist Weights which can also be used around your wrists.

My friend Heidi turned me on to these totally hip reading specs. They’re durable, comfortable and look like they’re from an uber-pricey optical store. I keep mine tucked away in my shopping tote so I always know where they are. This style is called Peckerhead – don’t let the name throw you off.


Can you bring more cheerfulness to an outdoor space? We say – always!  We love this adorable  wooden wagon planter with wheels – position it on your patio, in the yard, easily moves around if you’re entertaining. Fill it with your favorite flowers, then grab a cup of coffee and sit and admire your handiwork. We just love it – you will too!


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